Our Potential Paths for Metal Recovery

This morning we put out a press release with respect to closing a financing in BacTech. Pretty self- explanatory but here is a little more colour. 

After doing 2 rounds of metallurgical testing, ie how much metal are we going to recover and what sort of equipment will we use to do so, we arrived at not 1, but 2 paths we can follow. They are:

  1. An acid wash (to recover the “easy” copper) followed by flotation to produce a copper/silver (tin) concentrate. This concentrate will then be subjected to a brine leach at 70C which will recover 60% of the silver and 80% of the copper. The remaining material contains the tin which is recovered into a low-grade concentrate for sale in Bolivia.

  2. A whole ore (no flotation step) process whereby the acid wash is still used for the easy copper and then the material goes to a brine leach for recovery. The results are an improvement in silver recovery from 60% to 80%. So, the question that needs to be asked is the following. Is it worth spending the extra capital to acquire the additional 20% of the silver?

A trade-off study has to be done to compare the 2 processes to see which one is more viable. It will give us good chance to better understand the capital cost of the plant as well as the engineering company will need to obtain ballpark costs for the equipment outlined by the flow sheet. It is our intention to buy a plant most likely produced by an Asian company as we don’t need a Cadillac for a 5-year project. Our goal is to have a payback on the plant of roughly 1 year leaving 4 years of unfettered cash flow for Comibol and ourselves.

I continue to reach out to off balance sheets financiers who would be interested in buying the products that we will produce.

There tis.

Ben Christy